Camber Doodle Stories

Camber Doodle Stories Written by James Glover and illustrated by Vicki Batt

 Hello, It’s so good to meet you! We’re Dante, Dede, Harley, Lily Poo and Phoebe, and together we are the Camberdoodles. 
We hope you enjoy reading all about us. Some would say our stories are where fiction meets fact, but we wouldn’t know anything about that! What we can say is the doodles featured in our stories are based on real doodles we love and know very well. You’ll find out more about all of us in our Hi from Us section. 
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January 2019 Blog by James Glover

January Doodle round-up – It’s been a busy month in Doodleland!
Some say January is a quiet month, when everyone tightens their belts from the Christmas excesses and stays
home to keep warm.
But us Camber Doodles need our exercise whatever our owners financial state, so it’s
been walks as usual for us! We had three meet-ups this month, the first was on New Year’s Day, then we had
our normal ‘first Sunday of the month’ meet and finally a new addition to the calendar, a Saturday morning
walk away from the beach.
A chilly New Year’s Day dawned with brilliant sunshine to herald in 2019, but for some reason many of the
humans weren’t as excited as the doodles and found it difficult to get out of bed and get down to the beach in
time for the start. Fortunately by the time we came to take the group photo there were thirty humans and at
least twenty doodles who joined in to blow the cobwebs away and welcome in the first day of 2019. As usual
the doodles excitedly dashed and splashed along the sands playing with each other, and having a great time.
There are two types of walks at Camber, the ‘tide-in’ walk and the ‘tide out’ walk. This time the tide was
well and truly out, so the doodles brought plenty of sand back to the car with less of a fragrance of ‘eau de
fishy doodle’ than if the tide is in! But wherever the tide had been it was a wonderful way to start the new
year. On the beach with friends and with our doodles!
The following Sunday was a different story.
In contrast to the New Year’s Day walk, the morning was cloudy and the tide was right up close to the dunes. Many doodles had
dressed appropriately and we saw Equafleeces in almost every colour the company make. This gave me an idea for the February walk, but
more of that another time.
It’s always lovely to meet new Doodles and their owners (we are heading close to 300 now), and it was particularly nice to meet friends from our neighbouring group, Kent Doodle Meets. We hope they enjoyed
spending time with us and we look forward to seeing them again. Perhaps they might show us some of their local Kent walks?
Since starting the walks in March 2018, we’ve heard people asking why the walks are always on a Sunday
and always at 10:30? Many have commitments at this time and find it hard to make either Sundays or early
morning. With this in mind we are starting a Saturday walk so that those Doodles that can’t make Sundays
still get the opportunity to doodle dash with their mates. We also took other comments into consideration
such as, why can’t we meet in other places, like the woods and please can we make sure we WALK rather
than stroll?! We are starting to arrange these other events, so please check out the events page on Facebook
for more details.
We knew there were doodles who drive from Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill to be with us on Camber, so
we arranged the first Saturday walk was at the Hastings Country Park. Sadly we don’t think the word got out soon enough because this meet was a very select affair, with only three Doodles attending, Bertie, Poppy and Dan! However what we lacked in numbers we made up for in doodle dashing and human conversation. In fact there was so much conversation that I forgot to take any photos until the very end! I must certainly do better next time!

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Christmas came early this year for the members of Camber Sands Doodle Friends. If you happened to be in Dungeness last Sunday you would certainly have done a double take. It’s not everyday you meet nearly forty doodles (poodle crosses) in fancy dress and Christmas jumpers boarding the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway! This spectacular sight was all in aid of the dog rescue and re-homing charity DoodleAid, the group’s chosen charity for the fundraiser.

Ziggy needs our help!

Ziggy needs our help!

Sarah McAllister from Doodleaid explains, Ziggy is a 4-year old Labradoodle who came to Doodleaid in August 2018. It was immediately obvious that he was not in a good place mentally and through no fault of his own had multiple behaviorist issues. Doodleaid placed him in boarding kennels under the supervision of Jeni one of the charity’s experienced behaviorist. After spending time with Ziggy, Jeni diagnosed him as having post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with resource guarding issues.

Sarah says, I’ll let Ziggy explain why he behaves like he does and why he is finding it difficult to change.

When I was small I went to live at my forever home, but my owners didn’t know how to bring me up to be a well adjusted dog like all of you have. The problem was I never felt I was listened to, so when the family came close to me, and I was uncomfortable, I would growl and tell them I was frightened and needed space, but every time I growled they would scold me. Then one day I got so cross I gave my human Mummy a quick nip. She didn’t like it and from that moment on I spent most of the time alone in a dingy room.

When I did see a human they either told me off more or took my toys away. I soon began to realise that every time a human came near me they would hit me or take the things I cared about away. I was so unhappy all the time and thought humans were not nice people at all. Eventually I built up my own coping mechanism which was to pre-empt their punishment by growling and showing my teeth. After a time the humans didn’t want me anymore.

I was taken away to meet Jeni at the doggie hotel and after spending happy times with her, I was sure she understood me and I knew I had the chance to love a human in the way your doodles do. We got on famously and I love her very much.

One day I met a family that wanted to take me back to their home, but when we got there all the bad things that happened to me at my first home came flooding back and I began to get fearful again. I wasn’t happy and wanted to go back to my Jeni. I must have been a bit naughty because soon I was back at the doggie hotel.

Please help me get better, I know I want to be a normal doodle and live in a nice home, but I don’t think I’m ready until I have had more help from my Jeni. 

Sarah continues, Ziggy’s care is expensive, currently we pay around £800 a month to keep Ziggy at the kennels, cover his behaviour fees and medication. On top of this there are his vet fees. DoodleAid is a small charity that relies solely on donations to help dogs in need. If you could give something monthly to help support Ziggy through his rehabilitation it would make the world of difference.
I was moved by Ziggy’s story, and thought it would be wonderful if we could get 100 people to donate £10 a month for six months or even 200 people to donate £5 a month for six months to help Ziggy. Please join me if you can.

Our donations could generate a monthly income of £1,000 to secure Ziggy’s costs and support him on his way to a brighter future.

You can set up a direct debit to Doodleaid’s account on line by selecting the payment option in your bank account screen, entering the amount you want to donate and ’For Ziggy’ in the description box, then ticking the ‘is this a regular payment?’ Option. Doodleaid’s bank details are:
Sort Code: 23-05-80
Account: 21044741

or go to the website