DoodleAid is a UK based registered charity that assists and supports the re-homing of poodle cross dogs (Doodles)

DoodleAid has been operating for some time as an “unincorporated association” but, earlier this year we became a full blown charity, registered in England and Wales. You made that possible and only you will ensure the continued success of the DoodleAid model. Our goal has been the same ever since we started; to help doodles and owners as best we can, whilst maintaining an exceptionally high standard of understanding for the needs of all. We have never tried to adopt a “we know best” attitude and don’t presume to be experts. If we need experts we engage, thanks to your kind donations, the very best trainers, behaviorists and veterinary professionals.

Part of the philosophy behind DoodleAid is we help, we don’t take over. These are not ‘our’ dogs but they are dogs loved by their current and future owners and dogs that have become a part of people’s lives. We do not presume that, because someone is forced into a position where they have to give up their beloved pet, that the relationship ends there. We give people the choice, because they deserve nothing less.

Dogs are matched with prospective owners but the choices are discussed with the current owner. New owners can and do visit the current owner, see the dog, take their dog with them (if they currently have one). If a behaviorist has been involved they can meet and talk to ensure that all parties understand the needs of the dog. In some cases the behaviorist assesses, advises the current owner and, if the dog is re-homed, helps the new owner deal with any ongoing issues.

If the current owner does not wish to keep in touch that is their choice; if they simply wish to ring or email that is their choice; if they wish to visit on a regular basis that is their choice but above all else, all parties agree the way forward… because “we” don’t know best.
Many “former” and “current” owners are now good friends and regularly meet up socially and (of course) to walk the dog.

The philosophy works; it’s worked very well for some time now and that “proof of the pudding being in the eating” is the reason we registered as a charity. The trustees and supporters of DoodleAid believe there is a different way to do things and they’ve been proved right.

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